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See some of the travels Dawn and I have made the past few years...below my dissertation.
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I started this page because I needed some information about our 30th year reunion and couldn't find anything anywhere. There were several pieces of info I had gathered so I decided to do this.  From time to time I try to get over and update the information but always stay sentry at my email...so if you have anything you want put out to the group, just send me an email.

Later  (03-31-06) I moved the web page to a paid hosting company (Host Gator) to serve our class needs better.  Right now Calvin sent me a check for $145.46 to pay for the page hosting and it costs about $100 per year.  If you are interested in helping to sponsor our web page I will gladly accept donations.  If we get more donations than this page requires, I will increase the packaging features (again to better serve the class needs).  If there are funds left over they will be applied to any function we have as a class in the future.

I am sure you are wrapped up back home, but just wanted you to know I have been having lots of fun piecing the webpage together (with more to come).  All the information is scattered and hidden behind pages in various books but hopefully with help from all the others, I will be able to identify the ones I don’t know or the errors I have made in assigning names and other info.  The project for me is bringing me closer to everyone and helping me realize the impact our class is making on the world.  It makes me so proud inside to see so much diversity and vision in people I have been associated with.  Our classmates have accomplished so much and have made proud contributions to our society while experiencing the trail of dust, bumps and scrapes.  Regrets are funny things and we all seem to have them, but at the end of the day we have done our best most of the time and accomplished our tasks most of the time. 

 We all have our little piece of the world to take care of and make sure things get done properly.  The children of our future are cared for and nurtured by us; our homes are built, maintained and secured from harm.  Your BIO was done to show your contributions and tell of the journeys and pleasures of building a comfortable home but I need updates to post reflecting current information and pictures.  You have nothing but pride to show for the influence, contribution and rewards of your efforts in your children, accomplishments in business and with friends.  The legacy we all leave will shine on its own regardless of what we want.  It will be the roses in our garden that show the world we cared.  What every one will see is the rose and never realizes the struggle of survival, scrapes of the thorns and desperation of living through the hard times…they will only see the rose, remember the stories or know of the children.  Those are our real legacy; separated from our desire, we are most remembered by the reflections of our efforts throughout life. 

 I hope you enjoy the information I have tried to collect on the web page and will help me with new information on our classmates.  The insight you have on the others will help me reflect our class profile accurately and to our enjoyment.  I have had several counting attempts of our class size and come up with several numbers…somewhere around 580 or so (at one point I had thought it was over 1000)…there are some not listed or mentioned in the yearbook.  We have classmates that should be in memoriam that I do not have as well, so if you know of any we should memorialize, please let me know.  Also, if there are any stories or memorials, we can post them as well rather than just listing them.

 I am proud to call you my classmates and will endeavor to be a friend apart from the webpage if live allows us to share some time together in the future.  It seems our little circles grow tighter and tighter ‘till we are so tired all we want to do is retire to our home and rest.  It actually takes a lot of effort to share time with others and I intend on trying to keep doing that with you two.  In the meantime this webpage can be our common bond and we can build it together since I need everyone’s help.  Dawn and I enjoyed our visit with the class at Johnny’s farm in March but there never seems to be enough time to share.  I suppose we should appreciate the little time we do get to share and let them build the memories that keep us warm inside.

 I hear we have several sites around the web but this one comes with no strings attached.  No one is charged for anything since it has been sponsored by me and Johnny Cooley so far.  I was willing to do it on my own since this has been a dream of mine for a long time.  There is a site at classmates.com and one I wrote earlier at yearbook.com (but have not updated in quite a while).  They both require each person to pay to see certain things (like email or pictures).  This web page I am doing has no hidden charges for visitors at any time. 

The “hosting” cost right now it is about $107/yr and the Domain Registration is holding at $15/yr...to let everyone know it is strictly a website to be enjoyed by our classmates.  If anyone desires to send some sponsor funds (as Johnny has) it will not be for profit but folded back into our web-space hosting fees to upgrade the ability of our site (a better package) and if there is more than is required for the hosting services, that excess will be passed to any activities our class may have in the future.  I have no intentions of making money on this project.  I will keep all charges and donations documented on the "Website Invoices" page.

Johnny, and some of the rest of the class, approached me with a desire for me to create this website, so hats are off to Johnny.  My prior passion to do this coupled with his insistence has got this site off the ground and we should all enjoy it fully.  Johnny should be recognized for his hosting the last reunion and everyone that helped make it happen.  AJ chaired the 1990 20th reunion and it was probably one of the most successful reunions we have had so far.  I am not sure who was the key organizers for the 2000 30th reunion but it also performed with honors.  Please help me to organize, identify and populate our web site with good material and updated information.  I have no hidden agenda or plans for the website except to help build something we will all enjoy for a very long time.



This is Dawn and me at Breckenridge about to slide...

This is Dallas and Dawn (from left to right)

This is my family at Disney World...

What makes us stand right on the edge???

Niagara/Horseshoe-Falls from Canadian side atop the Skylon...It turns as you eat...cool!

Kauai has some breath-taking views...

Very heavy fog every morning in  Montana...we don't have this in Louisiana...

Boston has the weirdest vehicles...but the lobsters are great too!


This is what I am use to...New Orleans markets.

North Carolina is a pleasure to explore.

New York City, Battery Park...to remind us the Twins fell on 9-11...sobering.

San Antonio River walk goes on and on...quite the walk.

The Seattle skyline is breath taking.

St. Louis "Arch" is not round and is a bit larger than I expected.

DC has so much to see...wow.

Every place has something to see.

Vail...what can I say...I love it!

Keystone is not to be missed.

Bristol was not to be missed - who is in that car again?

Beautiful St. Maarten...St. John was right around the bend...

The cherry trees were blooming ...and that evening we had dinner on the Potomac

Plymouth Rock...I thought it was bigger than that!

Sonoma's wine country...these guys are destined for greatness

Sleepless in Seattle...but well worth the trip

St. Augustine showed us beautiful terra-cotta architecture...

Whistler/Blackcomb Excelerator was mid point...(about 12 miles to the bottom)