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30th Reunion

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In Memoriam

30 Year CLASS REUNION 10-27/27-2000 

The LaGrange Sr. High School graduation class of 1970 celebrated its 30th reunion October 27-28, 2000

The past Class Reunion was fantastic, the game was fun (even though we lost), the tour was great (see the pictures) and the dance at the country club was a huge success with pictures, addresses and other info to come later...keep watching.

Mary entertained us with a stroll down memory lane with a movie she put together.
(You have to see it)

If you have any questions...
I will attempt to get you a good answer.

The Game

Chris at the game

Dru Decareaux cheers the team on...

Chris and Debbie watch a key play...

Dru and Brenda hold their breath...

David Faulk and George give us a big smile